In this review I will still make a review on Boswell and Melanie because I am very curious about the current progress of their projects, I will also provide my advice for them according to the difficulties they have met at this stage.

From Boswell’s DA beta we can see that the biggest change that he made was the original intention, what does he want to achieve is to let people who can play Minecraft together in his discord channel instead of focusing on the player who’s playing alone. I think the new intention from Boswell is not broad but very specific, he did create “The Zone” as his discord channel so the player can enter the channel and have fun and there. He also tries his best to let more people know “The Zone” through the different social media platforms. People who are playing Minecraft alone may be interested and join into the big family through his social media account so they don’t need to play alone anymore.Boswell did mention that he used to post his content on Instagram for propaganda and the progress was very hard, he didn’t want to spend a lot of time on a platform that could not see any results from it. I think Boswell did make the right choice which is to stop operate his Instagram account, twitch is absolutely a better platform for him to operate a game account. He did mention that the discord channel expanded double after he started streaming on Twitch. However, the member in “The Zone” has rarely communicated with each other which bothered him a lot. To make matters worse, the “staff” in “The Zone” didn’t take their responsibilities to manage this community and Boswell did ask some staff to step down.

Suggestions for Boswell
I think Instagram is more suitable for people to post something close to their daily life, such as sharing landscape photos from traveling or posting some delicious food. Boswell did mention that it is hard to find people who are posting similar content to him which proves that Instagram is not a good platform for post-game content. To solve this problem, I recommend Boswell to put his gaming content on Tik Tok. I have found some similar accounts to Boswell’s on Tik Tok, what did they do is editing the best part of their playing experience on Minecraft. Each of their videos is very short with an attractive beginning which is easy to attract the audience’s attention and click into their Tik Tok homepage. One of the Tik Tok accounts did own a fan club that has over 400 people in the group, I have joined the fan club for observation and I found these people are active and they will communicate about Minecraft in the chat. The reason why I think Tik Tok is a better platform than is because you don’t need to spend lots of time on it compared to Twitch, you don’t need to stream for 2 hours every single day and it is also taking so long to collect the data for when people start to watch your stream. However, for Tik Tok, you only need to record your pc screen and play Minecraft for hours and edit the video materials into the different montages. You can post one short video on Tik Tok per day and I believe the amount of your short video is enough for you to post for a week. Minecraft players may notice you by your video and don’t forget to put your discord channel number on the homepage so they can join “The Zone”. When the channel gets expand again I believe the chat will be very active as time goes by.

MineCraft player ‘s accounts on Tik Tok
People are talking about Minecraft in fan club

Melanie’s project is very meaningful to the kids, she’s worry about children’s education will be affected during the lockdown of covid-19. Children can only study remotely at home through online tutorials, so she decides to create a series of activities for children to study at home.

However, in this stage, Melanie decides to change his DA to make an activity book that includes different cards. In her beta video, she decides to change her DA according to the comment that she received. I think it is a little bit risky for her to make changes at this stage because she needs to readjust the previous content that she made. Furthermore, her DA is lacking audience engagement because she changed the DA through feedbacks but did not show the feedback in beta which confused me. We did not know the specific reason for why did she changes the DA, and she also decide to present her DA final product on YouTube at the end of the semester. To me, if you want to release the final product at one time, the quality of the project should be good enough for people to use it.

Suggestion for Melanie:
I think it is necessary for Melanie to collect more feedback during the process of making her activity book for children. She can send part of her activity cards to some children(could be her sibling or her friend’s) to test the practicability of these cards, after receiving the feedback she can make some changes according to children’s experiences.

Melanie also needs to think about how to attract parents’ attention because children usually don’t have their own mobile phones to buy these things. Before she uploaded a video on YouTube, try to add some tags which towards to parents on describe area such as”children”, “parents” or”early education”. YouTube will automatically put your video into the community of parents.


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