#bcm114 Making

In my last blog, I did mentioned about I post some polls on Twitter and I also post my video link on Reddit.Luckily, I did receive some feedback which is really helpful for the rest of my subject.

I made this post because I want to know what is the reason for people to watch anime and why anime is important to them.The answer will help me to find the right direction of my project.

After I get some feedback from him, I decide to make some short series anime to introduce with.I have upload two video in this week, they were Attack On Titan introduction and Fullmetal Alchemist introduction.

I find out that get feedback is a very important part for my project, and I think I should post my project on Reddit earlier so maybe I can get more feedback from there,it is nice to communicate with Anime fans on Reddit.

During my project,I got lots of idea and advise by watching other people’s DA.The quality of my video and the structure of my project was not good enough, however, I did watch other’s DA and I realize that I need to do more about audience engagement.I have to listen to people’s opinion so I can make my project better,that is also the reason for why am I doing the twitter polls and post my stuff on Reddit.

When I finally finished my project, I have watched all of my video again and there are still lots of things that I can improve on.I still have chance to make more video in the rest of my university study, guess I will try to improve my editing skill in the future.


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