BCM206 The difference between “hacker” and “cracker”

Nowadays when we talk about hackers,most of people think that hackers will always do something bad such as invading someome’s computer/mobile phone to steal the information from users.

However,hackers are not the people who destroy the security of computer system as we understand it,destroying system security and stealing data is the behavior of craker.

Although hacker did invade other’s network system in sometimes,the purpose of intrusion is to find the loopholes in people’s network system so they can make up for the defects and make the network system become more safely and smoothly.

For “craker”, they are invading other’s network to steal the information they need such as business secrets, causing other people’s loss and leading to their own improper interests.

Obviously, I think “hacker” is the indentity to protect network’s safety and “cracker” is the indentity to destory it.


Hackers vs Crackers: Easy to Understand Exclusive Difference


3 thoughts on “BCM206 The difference between “hacker” and “cracker”

  1. Hi Allen! I had no idea about the hackers and “crakers” situation, I just definitely thought there were good hackers and bad hackers (in the sense of good and evil). You said, “the purpose of intrusion is to find the loopholes in people’s network system so they can make up for the defects” for hacker which is interesting. So would we file anonymous under the hackers category for finding loopholes and exposing peoples failures and defects? I think so, or maybe they’re a bit of both as they fancy themselves visualanties. It’s really interesting to know the difference of these kinds of people, thank you for enlightening me 🙂

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  2. Hey Allen! Hey Allen! It’s a really informative post – the difference between hackers and cracker and something I didn’t know about, but you explained it very clear! I think not all hackers are bad, but the media often uses this word to connection to cybercriminals. Hacking is a double-edged sword, and even some of the company will hire a hacker to work as security professionals. The advantage of hiring a hacker, they can give suggestion and guidance on network security when the company are facing cybersecurity problem.

    However, the company need to consider one main problem when hiring hackers – is their criminal background. Associating with a criminal might give your company a negative image in the marketplace as well as can cause problems if you are corporate with the government association. Trust is another problem, how can a company be 100% sure that hacker will not do something unlawful with your system or crack in your administrative to have passwords and other necessary detail and then use it to against you? Therefore, it might harm your company.

    So, there’s no doubt that some of the hackers are now the world’s best-known security consultant, however, the company need to realise the pros and cons that hacker may cause.


  3. Hey Allen, great post! It was so interesting reading your view on hacking and also into the difference between ‘hackers’ and ‘crakers’! I agree with what you said about how hackers invade other’s network system and there is such a negative connotation on them being bad. In my blog post, I explained how there is a realisation that you never know who is behind the screen. It would have been cool to link some additional resources to support your post, however here is a link if you wanted to look into the evolution of hacking https://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/security-data-protection/cyber-security/the-evolution-of-hacking/.


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