#BCM241 Movie experience with my grandma

Movie is already become a thing that can not be lost in our life. People like to go to the movie theater with their friends, watching movie is also a very popular activity for young people.When I was a kid, I was really enjoy to watch movie with my father. I would like to invite my friends and let them come to my home to watch movie together.However, movie was not a common thing at 50 years ago.

For me, I really want to know the movie experience with old people and what was the cinema look like fifty years ago.

Coincidentally, the blog topic of week 2 is interview an older person about their movie going experience and the first person that I think of is my grandma. However, we are live in different countries right now and I could do a interview with her face to face. So I decide to have a video call with her and ask her about her movie experience.

When I ask her about the question, she laughed. She said the story will be little bit long because it is a very special and one of her most important memory for her.

50 years ago, China was still an undeveloped country and people have to work very hard to survive.My grandma was born in countryside and it is a very poor place, her father was a farmer so she needs to work in rural area since she was a kid.

Countryside in China

Obviously, movie was not an affordable activity for such a poor place. However, a very old projector and screen was introduced to her village and she finally have a chance to watch a movie.

The “cinema” in the village was really simple, they put the projector and screen in an empty place and put some chairs behind the screen.For the people who live in the village, watching movie is an outside activity because the “cinema” was located at outside.Owing to the lacking movie resources, the cinema was only open once a month.

The cinema in countryside

After one month, the cinema is finally open and she said there are lots of people in cinema and it was really loud and crowd. She couldn’t remember the name of the movie but she did remember the man who seat next to her. Everyone was enjoy about the movie itself because it was the first time for them to watch movie, although the movie is only black and white. After the movie finished, everyone leave the place expect my grandma and the man who seat next to her because they were so excited and still immersed in the world of movie. They talk with each other about their experienced with the movie, they were pretty enjoy this activity because this is the first time for them to watch movie with so many people.

Through this activity, my grandma get a chance to meet the most important person in her life. They went to watch movie together every single month,they also date with each other independently and finally feel in love with each other.

With the time goes by, the cinema is already become fantastic than ever. We got IMAX screen and best equipment, we can even watch 4D movie right now. However, these things couldn’t attract my grandma anymore.As my grandmother get older and older, she was restricted in movements by the limitation of time-geography(represented by Torsten Hägerstrand).

Capability constraints are biological and instrumental of nature. An individual needs to sleep and eat sometimes and has the possibility to make use of a certain modality. For instance a person can´t travel through time and space, without making stops to eat.( Hägerstrand, 1970, p. 11 )

Coupling constraints have to do with the presence of persons and/or materials required for certain activities. For example if you want to play soccer, you need to have a team to play with ( Hägerstrand, 1970, p. 11 ).

Authority constraints refer to certain institutions which determine whether you can perform a certain activity or not. For instance opening times of stores determine when you can go shopping or a timetable for a ferry shows what time you can take a ferry to cross the fjord.( Hägerstrand, 1970, p. 11 )

As her age growing up,her health is also getting worse as well.It is unrealistic for her to going out frequently.She would like to stay at home and watch movie with my grandfather, because she doesn’t need to go our and be limit with opening time of film in cinema.

“old people watching tv”的图片搜索结果

This is the movie experience with my grandma, and also the love story between my grandma and grandpa.

“love story”的图片搜索结果

Reference lists:

Hägerstrand, T. (1970). What about people in regional science? Papers of the regional science associaton, vol. 24, pp. 7-21.




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