BCM325 Digital Artefact

In this semester I decide to make a project which is related to food again, I have made a food project with my classmate ShuNing Li which is about cooking in BCM206. We want to make some extension base on our previous digital artefact because we believe that there are lots of people who are interested of watching mukbang/cookbang and food culture.

For our new project, ShuNing will travel to differents restaurant in different city in China and film the video materials for our channel. I will edit these materials and upload it on YouTube which is our main channel.

This time we want to let the audience can actually see what is the restaurant looks like in China, hopefully we can attract the interest from people so they can travel to China and taste the local food. We want to do some research/interview about the food culture so we can understand more about the food industry. What will happen to millions of restaurant if food is scarce in the future?

We think this project is sustainable for long tern development because the demand for food will never disapper, we will try to expand our channel as time goes on.

Reference lists

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5 thoughts on “BCM325 Digital Artefact

  1. Hey sheng Cheng, I really enjoyed watching your pitch video as it was clear and concise. I like that you have decided to incorporate more than one platform to upload to especially using Tiktok as it would fit your project’s type of content and the time frame we have to create the DA. I also like that you’re going to be trying restaurants in Australia and your group partner is going to be trying restaurants in China, I think those two perspectives could work really well and give you guys plenty of content for your DA.

    I think the topic you guys have chosen is really good, the only thing I would perhaps ideate more on the projects ‘utility’ and how to link it to relevant theory and concepts about future studies. so this could be making predictions on the future of food or the future of eating out, something along those lines. I found this article https://blog.csiro.au/the-future-of-food/ that goes into the predicted stats of the next 20-30 years and makes predictions on what the future of consuming food may look like. I think once the DA has a strong utility for ‘future cultures’ you’ll be well on your way :).

    Other than that, I love the concept as I’m a bit of a foodie and I’m looking forward to seeing the full DA at the end of the semester.

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  2. Hi! i really love your pitch project idea i think it’s actually quite unique! i think that chinese resturants in Australia is definitley seen as a ‘unique’ and ‘special’ food experience. Thus, i think your suggestions of where to go and what happens at chinese resturants will be really interesting for your audience because they will get to ‘explore’ or ‘travel’ in a virtual way to second-hand experience this food phenomona (which is very appealling especially in covid times!)
    I was wondering if, to connect this even more with the future cultures lecture material, you could look at the future of food. Not only its scientific advances (found in this article: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/01/food-in-2050-bacon-grown-on-blades-of-grass-and-bioreactor-chicken-nuggets), but there is this article i found that suggests that due to population growth, food resources will need to be increased. However, also due to growing values and ideals in the community; requests for more eco-friendly food delivery, packaging etc will be demanded : https://blog.csiro.au/the-future-of-food/#:~:text=By%202050%2C%20the%20world's%20population,increase%20in%20production%20by%202050.

    This means that food rations will become more natural. I was wondering if perhaps you could touch on how chinese food/resturants could help make an eco-friendly imprint on food wastage! Here’s another article that explains what food wastage is and how its impacting the environment https://eatcultured.com/blogs/our-awesome-blog/the-future-of-food-waste

    Alternatively, there is also this youtube video on how resturants suffered during the pandemic, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kQ6LMOCHJM, maybe you could even look into how chinese resturants are developing and oncemore how they can become more environmentally friednly by challenging food waste management?

    best of luck and very keen for the videos! xxx


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