#BCM302 Peer Review I

Boswell’s DA


The first DA I have reviewed was from Boswell’s project, to be honest his project is very attractive to me as a huge fan of video games.(The zone is very similar to a video game’s name) During a long period of lock down, there are only few things that people can do at home. In this situation video game has become a very good way for people to not only spend their time but also entertain themselves. Minecraft is one of the most popular video game in the world, the reason for why it can be so popular is because you can literally do anything in this game. MineCraft can be famous for so many years is because the unique of sociability, you can even build a house with your friend in this game.

Boswell did mention that he want to create a place that people can play Minecraft together and share game experiences with each other. I really like the reward system from him, he will offer some unique reward for player who’s stay in his community . I believe the reward system will increase player’s activity.

Here’s the suggestion

1.I didn’t see a problem need to be solve from his DA pitch,he said the motivation of the project is “to move people from the mindset of playing alone to playing with others in our digital space.” I understand that he wants to focus on people who would like to play game alone, I think it is very suitable for him to do some research about people who’s afraid to make friends and do some group activity online.(because of introversion personality) He the problem that he needs to solve might be how to let lonely player open out and join to his community.

2.He did not have any reference in his pitch blog post, I think he should try to do some research about the reason for player who like to play online. Journal article is very helpful for his DA pitch and I suggest that he can add reference lists in the following task.

3. I think it is a good idea for him to record his live stream and edit it into different montages, because it is har to get more view when he only have 9 followers. People may not catch his live stream in time, if he can edit some interesting monent in the montage and post it on youTube or Instagram, I believe his follower could increase faster.

The second DA review was from Melanie’s project, I think her project is really meaningful during the period of covid-19. During the lock down period, adult can work at home, university student can also study online. Adult already have the ability of self/emotion control, we did not experience long period lock down in our childhood. For children who’s less than 10 years old, they are too young and the lock down is definitely harmful for children’s mental health. Children really need a way to not only entertain themselves but also improve their ability in different aspect without go to school. I think Melanie has provide a very good solution for children.

Here is the suggestion:
However, according to Melanie’s pitch video she did mention that to create this project need lots of times. I think it is hard for Melanie to do this project alone if she needs to create different character and draw them, she also need to make some design for it. There are too much work for her and I suggest that she can call her family/friend to help her finish this project, work efficiency will increase if work can be done separately. She can also find some character which is free to use online and make second creation base on these character.

After I reviewed their project, I realize that there are lots of thing that I could improve for my own project. I am also very interested and curious about the developing process of their project, of course I will keep my eyes on their project and see what will happen in the following semester.

Melanie’s DA



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