BCM206 Meme warfare

I believe that everyone has seen a meme before from different social media platform such as Facebook/Twitter, you guys probaly seen Pepe the Frog (one of the most famous memes) before. A simple image with a few words contain great empahty with people, a meme can be transmitted for thousand times in a very short time.

However, memes is no longer an entertainment for people. In the 2016 US presidential election, there were big amounts of memes were made by a Russian troll farm to influence the outcome. You can also find Trump’s memes at anywhere and it is also a political strategy for him to increase his electoral support rate.

Those memes were a form of information warfare, or what would have been thought of in the past as a psychological operation. Information warfare is often about waging an influence campaign that can change behaviour through ‘unconventional means’, such as social media. Memes play a part in a specific type of information warfare dubbed ‘memetic warfare’.


Meme Warfare: A serious statement??? – Jordie Thompson


One thought on “BCM206 Meme warfare

  1. Hi! I really like how you touched on memes not just being for humour anymore but for politics etc., I haven’t really thought that memes could now influence what we believe in or how we think. I also like your Trump meme you have attached, I definitely need to become funnier and make better memes as I’m just hopeless.
    keep up the good work!


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