#bcm111 Movie review

Long distance fight is a very tortured things for people, sadly every year I have to experienced it twice for the summer/winter vacation from China to Australia(10 hours flight).

When you have a 10 hours flight, maybe claim down and find some good movie to watch is a wise choice. For myself, I would watch at least three different movies to pass the time. Fortunately,I have watched one of my favorite movie on the plain which is called”Ready player one”

Ready player one was made by America,directed by Steven Spielberg(one of my favorite director). The target audience for this movie is very obvious, that is people who love to play video game and played video game for a long time. For the people who never play any video game before, this is also a pretty good movie for them to watch because the special effects was fantastic.

Ready player one

In 2045, the real world is decline already and people are addicted to the illusory world of VR game “OASIS” for consolation. The founder of Oasis announced on his deathbed that he would leave billions of his heritage for the person who find the Easter egg: A hidden item placed in a movie, television show, or otherwise visual media for close watchers. Ready player one is talk about the journey of the main character Wade and how does Wade find all of the Easter egg in OASIS.

This story seems like pretty simple, but the movie itself actually hide lots of hidden message in it which is the reason for why I like this movie so much. If you are not a huge fans with video game, these message might not be easy to find it.However, if you played lots of video games for a long time, the experienced of watching this movie will be fantastic and excited.The hidden message is also kinds of cultural knowledge for people to know before they watch this movie. There are 138 Easter eggs in the movie for audiences to find,I think this is one of the reason for Ready player one to get famous around the world, this movie brings all of the game player back to the old time.With the real and vivid special effects of this movie, audience are fully immersed in the scene and they seems to interact with the film. For this moment, it was no longer Wade playing the game, but the audience and player themselves who come from different part of the world.This is also an example of cultural proximity, the director of the movie use his power to connect all of the player from worldwide.

characters that you might be familiar with

After all, only a few words could not explain all of my emotion with this movie. If you are huge fans with game culture, you can’t miss this movie. For the people who doesn’t play video game, this movie is also a nice tool for them to understand this culture. Hopefully there will be more and more people to join this party.

By the way if you are interested with all of the Easter eggs in Ready player one, you can check out this video XD

All of the Easter eggs in Ready player one

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