BCM300-Board Game Experience

I have been playing board game a lot since I was a kid,Monopoly was one of my favorite board game and it is also the board game that I spend most time on it.

In this semester, I have another chance to experience some new board game.However, I missed first week’s tutorial due to the effect of the COVID-19.I can not arrive in Wollongong on time because of the travel ban which is kind unlucky.

In week two’s tutorial,we were break into a group and each group need to play and experience a board game.The game that my group played was called “Coup”

Coup is available for 2-6 players that plays in about 10-15 minutes.

Each player will have 2 coins and 2 character cards(influence),and there are 5 different character in this game,each character have their unique abilities.

• Ambassador: Draw two character cards from the draw deck, choose two to keep (from among the 4 you now have) and return two. You can also block someone from stealing coins from you.
• Assassin: Pay three coins and to assassinate another player’s character.
• Contessa: Block an assassination attempt against your character.
• Captain: Take two coins from another player, or stop someone from stealing from you.
• Duke: Take three coins. You can also block someone from taking the foreign aid action.

Instead of taking your character action, you can take one of these three actions:

• Income: Gain one coin.
• Foreign Aid: Gain 2 Coins (may be blocked by the Duke)
• Coup: Pay seven coins and start a coup against an opponent. That player must lose a character. (If you have ten coins, you must take this action.)

Coup Game Experience
Different influence in Coup

In Coup, the winning condition is to be the last one standing. Each player starts the game with 2 influence(character). Each turn, a player can take an action based on the ability of their character. The key is, players don’t need to tell the truth about what character they have which means they can lie in the whole game. However, if someone call into question about your influence, you will lose an influence if they are right(character card). For example,If I call it that I have duke,other player can call into question that I don’t have duke. You can show up your influence if you really have duke,then the player who query your card will lost an influence(choose one influence to lose by himself).However,if you don’t have duke,you need to choose one influence to lose.If a player loses both of their characters, they’re out of the game. Whoever is the last player to have a character card left is the winner.

For my personal experience with Coup, I think it is a really friendly board game for people who never play board game before.The most fun that I found in Coup is lying to others,because nobody knows what influence you have at the beginning and you can easily earn coins by using duke even you don’t actually have it.Everyone in this game need to take risk to earn coins,it is really funny when people interact with each other.However,if everyone just want to be save and does not want to take the risk by take one coins in each tern,game would be super boring and you will lost interest very soon.Your game experience is really depend on the person that you are playing with.

Consequently, this game is really easy to learn and you can play it with your friend at anyplace.However,you might lost your interest after you play it for few days because it only have 5 character in Coup,you might get tired when you figure out all of the possibility between these card.After I played it on tutorial,I bought this game about 20 dollars and start to play it with my roommate.For me, it is good to play Coup for a while after dinner,but I might forget this game after a few month because lack of variety can shorten its life.


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