BCM300 Individual project beta

It’s been a month since I post the blog of my individual project pitch , I have to say game designed is much harder than I thought because there are so many things that I need to create by my own. There are so many different card game in the world and I want to make an interesting card game and also give an unique experience for my player. In this blog, I would talk about the process about my individual project and also show everything that I created right now.

In my last blog post, I have mentioned that I want to create a card game based on my favorite card game which is One Night. The point of my game will be lying/acting to other players, this game is available for 5 player as maximum. There will be 60 of different cards in my game and the content from each card will be different. Each player will randomly get 5 cards and put them on their forehead(fix the card with a headband) without look at it, which means that every player can look and know the content from other player’s card except their own cards.

I know my drawing skill is terrible

The content of each card would be an action/behavior such as “drink water” or “shake hand”. For example, if the card on my forehead is “shake hand” then rest of the player need to make me shake hand with one of them. If I did shake hand with one of the player, I will lost the card and other player can take my card down from my head. After I lost one card I have to put another card on my forehead, each player only have 5 cards which means you will be out of the game when you lost all of the cards. To win this game, you will need to allure other player to do the action on their card. More importantly, you need to behave naturally just like how you communicate with other as usual, to make other player put their alert down and believe your words.

There are still lots of stuff that I need to create for my game such as name and background story, I think it would be easier for me to finish the game if I have already decide what is the rule of my game. I will also add more element to make this game become more interesting when people play it. In the rest of weeks I will try to write 60 of different action/behavior cards of my game and also pick a name and background story which will fit my game perfectly. I will also test this game with my roommates to see is it fun to play it as a party game.


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