BCM206 The connection between cyberpunk to real life

“Cyberpunk” is the combination of cybernetics and punk,cybernetics originally meant to represent the theory of interaction, control and communication between machines and animals.When the two words are merged(cyber/punk), a drama of rebellious emotions between machines and humans emerges spontaneously.

When we are talking about cyberpunk,we have to mention William Gibson because he create a story which brings cyberpunk to the public. In the worldview of cyberpunk, future/society is a mess. In the world of cyberpunk human will have a high quality of life because of the advanced technology, however this life will only belong to rich business man. Poor people need to take the responsibility of the damage of environment, it is hard to bask in the sun for people who live at the bottom of the society because of the coverage of skyscrapers.

I think the key point of cyberpunk is talking about social injustice and the unequal opportunities in the future. When the powerful company collude with government and try to control the citizens, what can people do to resist the hegemony?

Yes, Cyberpunk is talking about politics which is super close to our real life.


2 thoughts on “BCM206 The connection between cyberpunk to real life

  1. I agree for sure. Cyberpunk is becoming more and more of our reality. Yes, like you mentioned, it always represented as a powerful fight with citizens and the government. Now I’m wondering what the difference between Cyberpunk and Dystopian novels/movies. They’ve kind of coined the term whilst sort of talking about the same kind of thing, right? The way I see it, especially in the times we are living in now we’re closer to the world of cyberpunk as a reality, not a hyperreality.


  2. ohhhh i like how you elaborate on what the cyberpunk era sort of is – i didn’t really know all of this stuff. this is all really interesting in contrast with the concept of ‘cyber liberty’ that we discussed in week 3 as well, particularly drawing upon the political aspect. in my post for this week i talked about Gibson’s cyberspace as well but more from the standpoint of how he was the visionary for that futuristic online subculture – kind of similar to how science fiction is said to have inspired NASA’s space exploration.


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