BCM206 The attention Economy

In today’s society with the complicated information, the attention from public is also very limited. The scramble for public attention has become an economic form.

TikTok is already become one of the most popular short-video app in the world, I think TikTok is also a very good example from attention economy. TikTok contains almost most type of video to attract young generations’s attention, I can see lots of people who are watching TikTok when I was on the train/subway.

TikTok is very good at attracting people’s attention like I mentioned before, the app can accurately calculate the types of videos you like and keep recommend these video to you. Lots of people were addicted to TikTok because the app itself knows what kind of content that we want to see the most such as beautiful people/delicious food/fantastic magic show etc..


Attractive content from TIKTOK

However, I don’t think the product from attention Economy is good because the purpose of these product is to take over all of your free time. It will limit our time on study/working which will bring negative effect to us.


2 thoughts on “BCM206 The attention Economy

  1. Hey Allen,
    Such a great blog followed with a great remediation. You should include scholarly literature when writing your blogs as it heightens the information and backs up your points with research. For example, a study by Knoweldge (2019) found that similar to Facebook and Instagram users, the average TikTok user spends 52 minutes per day on the app. In that timeframe, they may watch more than 200 videos, including carefully targeted ads or offers.

    Knowledge, V.I., 2019. The TikTok Strategy: Using AI Platforms to Take Over the World.


  2. TikTok is a perfect example of the use of the attention economy – I deleted the app because I was so addicted to it. By creating a YouTube video of TikTok videos, you have demonstrated the way these platforms transcend across one another to the point where users can’t entirely escape them. My blog post also discusses the attention economy, as well as the long tail and impact of the tech giant’s algorithms, keeping users invested on the platform, and how it leads to polarisation through repetition.

    On another note, I think it’s interesting the way the media has framed TikTok to be China spying on users as if Facebook hasn’t breached the privacy rights. Leads me to believe that maybe there is a political agenda behind that argument.



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