BCM206 How did telegraph changed our life?

Human’s life was totally changed after the invention of Morse code since 1837, it allowed human to communicate with each other remotely. I was start to study aboard when I was 15 and I can communicate with my family at anytime because of telegraph. In recent years it is crazy that people can even have a video chat with their friend/family by your smartphone base on the developed technology. I can’t imagine what will happen if telegraph wasn’t invented, maybe I won’t go to Australia because it is impossible for me to travel to a new country alone when you can’t get in touch with my family/friends. According improvement of technology, mobile phone was not only used in voice communication, but also help us in different area of our life. To me, I am very honored to witness the process from telegraph to cyberspace and I am also very curious about what will happen when 5G come to our life.


2 thoughts on “BCM206 How did telegraph changed our life?

  1. There’s no doubt that 5g technology is beneficial in each aspect, but everything all has its pros and cons. 5g provides the speed, low latency and connectivity to provide on a new generation of applications, services and more business opportunities. But it also brings up the security and privacy issues. For me, I’m still looking forward to a 5g world.


  2. Each network upgrade can bring people different degrees of change and convenience. 5G network communication technology also promotes the research of high-frequency technology. It is believed that 5G technology will be widely used in the near future!


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