#BCM215 How does video game make people rich?

Today, with the developed economy and technology. There are so many ways for people to enjoy with threw media.Video game, a term which is familiar with most of people. There are approximately 2.2 billion gamers in the world, people spend so much time on video game. Video game was designed for people to have fun and relax, when people playing video game, they can “escape” from real world, and enter to a virtual world. In virtual world people have no pressure from real life, they can enjoy and do a lots of things that you can not do in real life which is also a kind of mental reset.

However, like I mentioned before, video game was designed for letting people relax and have fun. 20 years ago, no one can imagine that video game will become one of the biggest industry in world business. Video game can even make people rich. Somebody may be questionable about it, how can you make money by sit at home and earn money? In this semester with my BCM215 DA, I will explain the answer to people who are curious with game industry.

I will post video on YouTube start with this week, and also post blog on WordPress. I will divide my DA with two parts, in the first part I will introduce some games which are the most popular video game in recent 10 years, second part will be how does these game make people rich. I am really excited with my DA cause I am a big fans with video game and I got huge passion on it. See you all in my next YouTube video and blog post, please feel free to leave comment.


7 thoughts on “#BCM215 How does video game make people rich?

  1. Hey there, Sheng, I’ve read and watched your project pitch, and first of all to start with I have to say I liked how you explained exactly what your media format for this Digital Artefact will be. You mentioned you will be using Twitter, WordPress and YouTube in the process, which I think is great as you will be able to create two more videos, giving you a chance to display a creative production, featuring visual aspects of your favourite video games and introduce to the audience how exactly these videos games are making people wealthier in current society.

    I like the topic you’re following here, but I am a little confused with what exactly it is you’re researching…
    Let me break it down for you:

    – As much as you have described your media format really well I think I would have just added some sources you’ve already found into your blog post to help guide your artefact in the future, as well as identifying what you exactly plan on discovering in this topic.

    – You stated your own personal experience with playing video games in both your video and blog (which is great, as personal interest is at the height of what topic you have decided to discuss within Game Media), but at the same time you mentioned in your blog that you want to show your audience how exactly video games can make individuals more wealthy, but within your video you didn’t mention this at all, and I just got a little confused at the actual purpose of your Digital Artefact.

    I believe you just need to be little more concise in your project plan, try making your idea or question more specific and clearer to really help us, as the audience, understand what exactly you intend to do. Which is either allowing us to understand how exactly video game users can become rich, or if your love and interest for video games can bring wealth and growth, and potentially a young individual a successful career!

    Also try working on your spelling and grammar, just as some words have been written wrong and tend to have a wrong meaning to what you’re originally trying to say, as well as full stops and commas being used in the wrong way.

    I also have some tips which may help you out with your topic;

    – You could think about it from this perspective, to identify if some video games are just being created through manipulation or have been stolen and copied by companies and owners in order to gain more money?

    – Or you could look at this idea from another angle, such as how millennials in the 21st century are simply becoming rich from their bedrooms, all due to video games, creating a new phenomenon in the gaming industry. That could become another factor in your DA that presents this idea that Video games are allowing teenagers new light in our society to become immensely wealthy at such a young age in the 21st century.

    Here’s an article that provides some examples and insight into how kids like us, who are 18 or 17 have become billionaires, forging out new solutions, using innovative skills and their university degrees to create video games and manifest their skills in beating some of the world’s biggest gamers. I think this information and the real-life examples of the millennials in the article, who have become billionaires in the gaming industry will add a clearer and more concise twist to your DA.

    Check it out!


    And good luck with the Artefact!

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  2. Hey Sheng, as a gamer I think the topic that you are trying to do sounds really good, the only problem is i’m trying to figure out what the actual topic is, i’m assuming it’s how video games make people rich? However in the pitch video you never clearly state what the main topic of this DA is, you cover a lot about gaming such as the the basics, why people play video games,why people disagree with playing games, popular games and people that make money of gaming. Maybe just be a bit clearer about what the actual topic you are presenting is.

    I think that it is good that you will be using multiple mediums and media platforms to express your digital artifact. This gives you multiple different ways to present your information.

    Focusing in on what I think your main topic is about how video games make people rich, not to long ago a 16 year old kid ended up winning the Fortnite world cup and won $3 million which is just crazy! Article Below:


    A couple suggestions:
    – include relevant examples of professional players who play games for a living and even players who are not professional but still make money as a gamer through mediums such as YouTube & Twitch.
    – elaborate on the the why people disagree with gaming and some of the issues that can arise from gaming.

    Another little thing that isn’t to major is a good way to increase the production quality of your pitch and videos in general is to use Adobe Premiere. In may be a bit harder to get the hang of but this tutorial on YouTube is really useful and it helped me a lot when learning how to edit.

    Best of luck with the project!


  3. Hi Sheng! Having read through your blog post and watched your video, it’s mostly clear to me that the utility of it will be to try and help non-gamers understand the video game industry better. I think this is a good topic to tackle, and is ripe for discussion and analysis. It’s also good that you made a point of highlighting the medium of your digital artefact. There are some aspects of the pitch, however, that I think could do with some improvement. First of all, something that jumped out at me immediately was your use of syntax and grammar in the blog post. I think this could be refined much further, and some examples that jumped out at me were incorrect spacing of sentences, lack of pluralism on ‘video game’ (should be ‘video games’), ‘threw’ instead of ‘through’ etc. Second, while your use of statistics helped to ground the pitch in something tangible and accessible to those who don’t understand the wide reach of games, the lack of citation for this statistic was a bit disconcerting.

    This also ties into my recommendation that you should include plenty of research sources for your viewers and readers to follow. For non-academic sources, there are plenty of news sites like ESPN, theScore eSports, and HLTV.org filled with helpful links for you to follow and take a look at. One academic source that might be worth taking a magnifying glass to is ‘eSports as a New Playground’ by Borivoje Baltezarević and Vesna Baltezarević which you should be able to find on the UOW Library website. At a glance, it seems to take a look at the positive effects that gaming can have on an individual like increasing cognitive recognition and ability. I believe this will be especially useful to counter the argument that ‘video games rot the brain’, which you noted in your video pitch. Finally, I think the script for your video pitch could have been stronger, as the first half of the video felt like a lot of preamble, and at the end, I was left with a less than clear idea of what your pitch was specifically going to be about.

    But please, try not to be discouraged – there’s an interesting topic here if you dig deep enough, and I think you’re on the right track. Best of luck!


  4. As someone who who dreamed of being a competitive gamer when was I young, I’m interested to see where you go with this project. As a project that is based around how people have become wealthy from playing video games, I was surprised to see a lack of specific discussion about e-sports, competitions or streaming in the blog and the pitch video. As for the pitch video, I think you used a little too much time talking about the reasons people play video games, although it’s interesting how you talked about some of the stereotypes behind video games. Maybe you could attempt to challenge some of those stereotypes throughout your project? Maybe this source could help you identify some of these stereotypes: https://www.providencejournal.com/news/20190419/inside-story-behind-stereotypes-of-video-games-and-gamers

    You talked about how people have been earning money by playing video games, so maybe you could do a case study of a particular pro player that you like, and what goes into being a pro player that people wouldn’t immediately think of? (such as working out and staying healthy: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/pro-gamers-explain-the-insane-training-regimen-they-use-to-stay-on-top-2015-5?r=US&IR=T)

    Like Jules, I was also slightly confused at points, and the grammar and spelling is a little bit of an issue. In future I think it would help to be very clear and slightly more specific, so you don’t end up rambling a little like I think you did in your pitch. Maybe for the purpose you could have talked about educating people on how difficult being a professional gamer is.


  5. Hi Sheng, you have a neoteric DA topic. And I know two careers related to your DA topic.
    E-sport is a completely new sports event which appears with the rapid progress of E-game industry. The cyber-sportsmen had mental sharpness and psychological traits comparable to athletes, and reacted to visual stimuli almost as fast as fighter jet pilots. The ability of e-sports to target an audience with plenty of spending money was attractive.
    The other career is game anchor. And I found some sources about the career, hope it is helpful for you.

    Keep going!

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