I think ben is kind of lost for his DA project, you can see that he didn’t have a time schedule for his DA project which may be main reason for why his project hasn’t going well. His DA topic is really interesting but he didn’t have a specific focus for the project, I am glad that he realize this problem and try to focus on one sport instead of multiple sports. The biggest problem of Ben’s project is lack of organize, it is hard for me to find his post since he didn’t classify his post into different subjects. His project has been slow because he didn’t have a time schedule to let him know exactly what to in every single week. I have also remind him that he can post his video on different media platform to get feedback and also use the sources in lecture’s video, hopefully my advice would help him to make his project become better.


Alicia’s DA topic is really interesting to me since shopping online is so popular and convenient in China, she did talk about how AR/VR technology change the way of shopping online. To be honest, AR technology did help me lot in my daily life. There is an app called measure which allowed you to range the distance of my home so I can easily find the appropriate size for the furniture. I believe that AR technology can do more in the future and bring more benefits to human’s daily life. Unfortunately she did not mention about VR technology in her video since it has been mentioned in her DA topic. To me, VR technology provides unlimited possibilities to us. In week 10’s tutorial we have watched Ready Player One, the main stage OASIS is definitely the epitome of future. People can actually do everything in the game include spend the currency which was earned from OASIS in real life. In the future world of VR, I believe that shopping online can be present in a very creative way. I really want to see the rest of Alicia’s video, hopefully my links could help her for background research.


We are doing the same DA topic and I have to say I really enjoy Bella’s tiktok video. Tiktok is one of the best media platform if you want to get views/attention in shortest time. However, as Bella has done lots of research and her DA topic is definitely worthy for people to discuss about it.

I do think Reddit is a better platform for Bella to get some useful comment/feedback. According to the research, TikTok users spend more than 850 Minutes per month on the app.

Which means one may watch over thousand of videos per day, it is hard for them to focus on one video and make further advice for her video. I used to make post on Reddit in other BCM subjects and I got so many useful responses at there.

comment from Reddit user

It is nearly impossible for you to receive comment in this long in TikTok, that’s why I think Reddit is more suitable for Bella to get some useful feedback.(TikTok is still a very good platform for her to keep uploading recipe video, I really want to learn more of cooking from her video.

I did learn a lot when I was making comment on my classmates, in the rest of the semester I will work harder with my teammate ShuNing and hopefully it can be done well.


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