BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments partII

After I finished my DA beta, I start to check other’s blog post and try to leave some comment which can help them to find their problem and also find some good sources for them to improve the quality of their video.

The first comment that I leaved was on Jordan’s beta.

I find lots of problem in his video, I think he didn’t prepare well for his project and also his beta video.It sounds like he said what he thought and didn’t write scripts for his video, and I can hear lots of “ummm” in his video which is kind annoying for his audiences.His DA topic was also very unclear, he did redesigned his project but I didn’t get it about what he really want to do.His video is also lack of structure, and the content that he present in his video is different to what he said.He also didn’t show which platform he chose for his project and the process of his project. Everything in his video is confused me, so I find a video for him which is talk about “How To Structure Your Video” which can help him to rebuild the structure of his DA project.

The second comments that I leave was on Steph’s blog post.

The structure of her project is very clear and well organised compare to Jordan’s.She did talk about what is her project at the beginning of her video and also which platform did she picks.She also explained what’s the reason for her to pick wordpress as her project platform, and clearly show the process of her project.She divides her project as 4 different blogs and she already post 2 of them already, she did introduce some game history in her first blog post and present the role of online games in second blog. The only I can help her is find a link which is talking about audience engagement, because she did mention that she is disappointing with her audience engagement.But for me, I think she did well with her audience engagement on Reddit because Reddit is a good place to get feedback.I will probably start post something on Reddit as well.

Then I leave my last comment on Aimme’s blog, and this is probably the best one I found so far.

I really like her research question, it is a good question for people to think about it. Her post and video has a very good quality and well organised,she also find some academic sources which is something that I need to do as well. However, I think the content of her blog and video are repeated.So I recommend her to put stuff into the video as much as possible, and try to write something else with her project.

Consequently, I did learn lots from these blogs. For my own project, I think I should also make some poll on twitter to engage the audiences. I should also do some research according to Aimee’s project, I think academic sources is necessary for my project to make it looks like more complete.

In the rest of the semester I will try hard to improve the quality of my project, so probably there will be more stuff to upload in the future.


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