#BCM325 Live-tweeting reflection part 2

In this semester we have watched 10 differents movies during the tutorial, I have to say the experience of BCM325 is very special to me because I didn’t try live tweeting before. It feels really good to watch a movie with a group of people.(although we are study remotely at this moment) I will share some of my tweets under the post and talk about what I have learned from these movies.

Blade Runner 2049

In my last live-tweeting reflection post, I did mention that my tweet should include some background research before I watch the movie. Start from week 6 I decide to find some article which will help me to have a better understanding about the movie,I think it is really helpful to me and also my classmates to settle the doubt during the movie. The response of this tweet was also very good, this article has perfectly explain how Blade Runner 2049 expands on the Original.(Blade Runner 1982)

The flashback was very touching to me when I saw the old characters came back and meet again,you can feel Rick’s emotion from his eyes even though it was not the real Rachel.

The Matrix

Even though I have already watched The Matrix for long times ago, i can’t really remember the details in the movie. This article talked about the timeline of the matrix since this movie will take you sometimes to understand the whole movie.

OK I know this scene has nothing to do with the movie but I still think Keanu Reeves is the most handsome human in this planet.

The fight scene in The Matrix mix lots of skills from Chinese Kung Fu, I like how the movie director find Yuen Woo-ping which is one of the most famous martial arts director in China. Chinese Kung-Fu makes the fighting scene looks very different than other Hollywood action film.

What I learned from The Matrix

Ready Player One

Ready player one really bring me to the world of VR which is OASIS, according to week 10’s lecture video virtual reality means effect or essence without actuality,real but not actual.In OASIS you can select any form that you want to be, you can even looks like Keanu Reeves in the game. However, it is really easy to be attract by other player’s image in the game. In the movie the main character even speak his real name to a stranger even though he didn’t know anything about this girl. That’s why I wrote a tweet which talks about don’t judge people by what you see, for what you see may be what they want you to see.

I still remember that I cried when I saw this scene in cinema , when I rewatch it on tutorial it still touch my heart. “Thanks for playing my game” said from the creator of OASIS, I think Steven is also trying to thank us for watching this movie. I also want to tell the director that thank him for making my dream come true, it is my dream to see all of my favorite video game characters in one movie because these characters has accompanied me through my childhood. I love to play video game since I was a kid and until now I still play it when I am free. Ready player one is a love letter for all gamers.

After I watched all of these movie, I can’t wait to see what will our world looks like after 5,10 or 30 years. Technology will be more advanced in the future and I believe there will be a day that I can “jump” into the world of OASIS in real life.


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