BCM325 Comments and self-reflection

Last week I have finished the Digital Artefact pitch for BCM325 and I am very curious about what project are the classmate doing, in this post I will show the 3 comments that I make under my classmates’s post and also talk about where can I improve on for my DA.


Hannah chose to do a project about tabletops game which is very interesting to me because I really like to play tabletops game with my family/friends on weekend. Tabletops game is popular in worldwide for a really long time and the creator is always try to improve the playability of tabletops games in recent decade. However with the development of technology, it is avaliable for us to play tabletops game on our PC and mobile phone and the amount of online tabletops game player is still increasing due to the impact of covid-19. Will tabletops game be compeletly replace when everyone is playing it online?Hannah did talk about her opinion that tabletos game will not fade away because there will be a group of people who want to play it in person just like me. I think the future of tabletops game is hard to predict and that’s why I want to see her next post as soon as possible. For my suggestion I think it’s good for her to do some research about the history of tabletops game, it is easier for her to predict what will the talbletops game looks like in the future if she understand the evolution of tabletops game.


Alex decide to make a DA project which is about Artificial Intelligence in popular culture. I have seen a lots of movie talked about the struggle between human and robots such as “Matrix” and “I, Robot”, I also want to know why are there so many people scared of AI if we are the creator of them and we can also shut them down at anytime. I didn’t find any sources which can help her/audiences to have a better understanding of her digital artefact, so I think it is good for her to do some research about the relationship between artificial intelligence and popular culture to figure it out why are we afraid of the advance of AI in the future.


I am interested with Alex’s DA because his topic is related to live music, I love to go to the concert to enjoy the atmosphere at there. However, holding a concert is not allowed in most of the countries at this moment due to the global impact from covid-19. A lot of artists are worry about their music career because the profit from live music is a important part of their income. Will live music disappear in the future if everyone choose to watch it online? I really can not wait for his podcasts but I think 20 minutes might be too long for one episode, I think it might be better if he can divide the content into 5-10 minutes so he can make more episode so as the audiences we don’t need to wait too long for the update.

After I viewed all of these digital artefact pitch I realize that I need to find more journal articals which are relate to my digital artefact topic, I also find out that the timeline of their DA are well organized and I should make my own project’s timeline become more specifically to let people understand what am I doing in different stage.

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