#BCM215 Digital artifact beta

This semester will be over after 3 weeks, in this blog I will talk about what I have done with my project and also what mistake/changes did I make during the process.

Originally, my plan was introduce to people about how does video game make people rich.However, after I post my blog/video on wordpress and YouTube. I saw some comments under my pitch and realize mistakes that I made.

This is the comment which helped me the most, it did lists all the problem that I have in my pitch and also point out how can I improve on.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

In my pitch video I was talk about my personal experienced with video games but not mentioned anything about how does video game makes people rich. I realized that I choose the wrong topic with my DA, I am more interested with video game itself instead of how does it makes people wealthy.So I change my DA topic to popular video games introduction and why are they so popular.

Although I only post 1 video on my YouTube channel, I find the right direction of my digital artifact and there will be more video release every single week.Each week I will introduce a popular game to people and explain the reason for their global success. In the rest of the semester, I will try to improve the quality of my video and please feel free to leave comment under my blog/video.I would love to see your feedback and make better video.


5 thoughts on “#BCM215 Digital artifact beta

  1. Hi Sheng!
    I want to give praise for your listening to your colleagues’ feedback. I observed that you presented the reason for changing your topic. I believed that it was risky, but you did well in your first introduction video. Furthermore, youtube is the right choice for your project because you can cite the shortcuts of games in your video. You have also planned your DA when a video will be uploaded every week.

    However, I didn’t think that your topic is good because I could search for many videos on Youtube about introduction popular games. Therefore, you should change the topic approach. For example, you can make synthesis content such as Top 5 popular role-playing games or your favorite games. They will make the content of your video more attractive. Moreover, you haven’t indicated the utility and the promotion of your channel in the beta. You should share your channel or your video on your Twitter with # BCM215 to attract the audience in the subject. Your topic is too big, so you need to narrow the scope to find sources easily. Thus, I will suggest you some academic sources and accessible source.

    Popular source:

    Here are some channels that are made contents for top 5 or top 10.


    Academic source:
    I couldn’t imagine your topic, so I only found some introductory articles about the games. I hope that it is useful for you.

    Best regards,


  2. Hey Sheng, i’m really liking the idea change that you have done for your digital artifact. While I think there was a lot of potential in the whole money making side of gaming, there is still so much more content to be explored with your new topic of the popularity of video games and why they are so popular.

    the fact that you have based your digital artifact beta around looking at feedback is really good. It shows that you are listening to the feedback and implementing it into your project.

    A suggestion that I have for you is to potentially try and implement an analytical framework into your topic and try to base your weekly videos around the analytical framework. This will help you to stay on track when talking about your topic and will also engage with the course content.


    The article that I have linked above is a pretty good read on what makes a successful and poplar game. With your idea of introducing a popular game each week, you could try to talk about WHAT makes is so popular and WHY it is considered such a good and popular game.

    Overall, the progress since your pitch seems to be improving and the video quality has also improved from the pitch which is really good. Good luck!


  3. Hey Sheng,It is glad to see that you can gain experience from comments and improved your digital artefact project. Your new direction is great. I think you could make a specific topic for your digital artefact project. And there are various kinds of popular games. If you focus on a few kinds of games, such as Roles Play Games or Card games.

    I found some sources inconnection with you digita artefact projects. Hope these are helpful for you.


    Looking forward your newest video.


  4. Hi Sheng, first off I want to apologise about the lateness of this comment, but hope you can still get some use out of it.

    In terms of the video, I left it still a bit confused about the trajectory of your DA, I had to go back and rewatch the second half. So is your DA just an intro to popular games, and a history of how they got popular?

    I think the video/blog post needs a clearer focus of:
    What your DA is
    Who it is for
    What its purpose is

    And once you answer those three questions, it will be really easy for anyone watching to know *exactly* what your DA is, and why they should engage with it.

    In terms of research, I think that Week 5 of this subject might be of interest to you. Sam Hinton’s article on the Australian games industry – while not being specific to League of Legends, and being a bit outdated – is a great launching point for understanding the popularity of the games industry, especially in Australia. One point from it:
    “Technological change is rapid and uncertain, but it appears that a number of developments – such as online distribution and the rise of mobile and casual gaming – represent significant shifts in the industry globally”

    Maybe it would be interesting to discuss these shifts? And how the rise of digital distribution and online gaming has paved the way for massive games like League of Legends?


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