Today, animation industry is already become one of the most popular industry in the world. Animation is also one of the biggest industry in Japan. However, with the time goes, animation is not only popular in Japan, but also globally. There are lots of people who likes to watch animation who came from different parts of the world, and I am a part of it as well. I have been watch anime for 10 years. Until now I still have huge passion on it. However, it is a hard thing to let everyone accept and understanding how animation work and why we love it so much. My parents doesn’t understand why I spend so much time on animation, and why I still watch it now. They think watching animation is wasting time and only children will watch it. The reason for why they are telling me that is because they don’t understand the purpose that why people watch animation and have less knowledge with animation, and most importantly, they don’t know how this industry work and how big the industry is. For my DA for this semester, I will be doing anime introduction for my topic and try to let more people understand animation and also the benefit that animation can bring to us. I will open a channel on YouTube and starting making short video for my DA, to introduce what is animation and why does so much people like it, I will also introduce some classic anime which are worth to watch it.


One thought on “#BCM114 ANIME INTRODUCTION

  1. Hi Allen
    I can’t wait to watch your DA project unfold and to see where it goes, I also have grown up within many animation classics to which many often looked down or thoughted negatively of the genre. It’s saddening to hear that it appears to be widely spread people viewing this as childish or purely unwilling to understand. It’s often difficult to convince those who have already made up there mind about this subject matter so I’m can’t wait to see how you manage to overcome this. I do believe if you execute this right you will be able to persuade those that do not understand or have made little effort to understand. My Da project is Prop production for cosplay, which is a core foundation that inspired cosplay. I think if you perfectly guide people to understand and set examples for them to be able to experience the moments that make this genre so unique and special they will be able to understand why we love this medium. especially with the diverse and different genres within anime each with their own unique troupes and attributes.

    Very interested in how you steer this project.


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