In this semester I decide to work with my classmate ShuNing to make a project called “The truth of China” which is really meaningful for us. As we are living in China at this moment, we want to make a documentary video series to film the country that we are lived for so many years. During the period of covid-19, China has no doubt become the highest topic degree on the media and Internet. Since covid-19 was started in China, people might want to know the current situation in China. BCM302 is the last subject for my University career and I really want to left something meaningful through this project. I want people to know more about the real China through our video series.

At this stage we have already made 3 different videos which is talk about China. For the topic selection, we used to decide to post a tweet to collect people’s comment. I thought it will be good if we can know what content that people want to see through our project by asking people on twitter.However, when we share our idea to our tutor he gave us some suggestion which is really useful. He said that relying on users to provide content is very risky because of the low engagement. I realize that I have seen someone else who’s also try to collect people’s idea and get zero feedback which is embarrassed at the early stage for the project. The project will stuck if we couldn’t get any comment from the audience and we think it is really easy to happen.

We decide to make another tweet poll by given 3 different topics so people can choose the option which they are interested in. According to the result from twitter poll, people are interested in Chinese education/Chinese firewalls. We decide to talk about Chinese education system for the first video.

Luckily, we did receive some long comments from our audience which let us realize the problem that we have from the video. Firstly, our video title was unclear so the audience wouldn’t know what is this video talking about through the title. It is hard to get user’s attention if the video title was not attractive and we only got a few of views from it. Lacking of examples is also another problem for our video, it is hard to fully understand the education system of China from our video if the viewer is not Chinese. We have spent most of time of the video to explain the pros and cons for Chinese education system and didn’t provide example to explain the system itself. For me, I have a little brother who is study in primary school in China. It would be better if I can film “the day of primary school student in China” to reflect how does it feel to live in our system.

In the second video we did learned the lesson of last time and make our video title become very clear, so people would know from our title that we are talking about Chinese delivery system. However, we still confused some viewer because we didn’t explain the difference between Australian post station to Chinese post station. The interview was talk about the pros and cons of Chinese post station, but we forgot that most of our viewer were non-Chinese. Unfortunately,we couldn’t replace our video on YouTube so I did add a short introduction and people can see in the comment area.

“Hey guys welcome to the truth of China episode 2/ the development of Chinese express, The post station in China is quite different to Australia.You can find post station everywhere in every housing estate in China. The postman only need to send their package to the post station instead of home delivery.When there is nobody at home,Resident can pick their package at the post station. When I was live in Wollongong, there is only one post station around my living area and I need to drive my car for 20 minutes to pick up my package. Right now I only need to take a walk pick up my package, if I want to send express I can order home delivery , after 2 hours the post man will come and pick your item, then you just need to pay the fee on your phone. Its really convenient. “

We just upload our new video today and keep talking about the development of Chinese delivery, it is a new video so we haven’t receive any feedback yet.

We are plan to make 5 videos in total at the end of the semester with different topics, we hope that people can know more about China through our videos. We will try our best to improve the quality of our project to make sure that our DA can be finish successfully.


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