#BCM206 Digital Artefact pitch

In this semester I would work with my friend ShuNing to create a project together which is cooking/introducing/teaching traditional Chinese food . We decide to do this project because both of us are in China right now and it is very easy to buy ingredients for Chinese dishes. I have work with ShuNing in previous BCM subject so I think the process will be very smooth, we will upload our video on YouTube in every single week and also post something which is relevant to our DA on reddit to get more feedback. Although our main topic is cooking Chinese food, we will also try to make some traditional food from other countries if possible.

I think cooking is not only interesting but also way easier than you thought, we want to let more people go to the kitchen and start cooking by themselves. I think it is fantastic for the person who can cook dishes from different countries, hopefully our video can teach some useful skill to people who just start to learn cooking.



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