BCM114 Experience of this semester

About 2 hours ago, I have upload a new video and it is probably the last video for my BCM114 DA project.In fact, at the beginning of this semester, I was pretty confused and when Peter told us to make a project that we were interested with.Usually I will play video games and watch some anime after school, and I am not interested with anything else.

However, I suddenly realize how about make a project with anime if I really spend lots of times on it.Anime is the thing that I have lots of passion on it, I have been watch anime for 10 years and at least 100 of different anime.I decide to make a project which is anime introduction because there are lots of great anime which is worth for people to watch it, and lots of people have a misunderstand of anime.Anime is a completely different things to cartoon, and anime is not a thing for kids only. I have learned lots of things from anime and also the spirit from anime character, when I am struggle in real life I will always think of the character in anime, because the biggest thing that I have learn in anime is never give up if before you strain every nerve.

I watched most of the video in Australia through YouTube, and I also want to experience the feeling of become a YouTuber.So I was created a YouTube channel and made a pitch with my project.

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The first video that I made was Naruto introduction because Naruto is probably my favorite anime for all times. However, after I post it on YouTube and also post the link on Twitter/Reddit. I did receive some feedback which are really helpful for rest of my project.

Here is the feedback from Reddit, he said the Naruto introduction video is very interesting.However, Naruto does have 720 episode which is not very friendly for the people who just start to watch anime.He also recommend some anime to introduce with, such as Attack On Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist or Death Note. These anime are short series and also more friendly to people.


I also received another feedback from Twitter.

After I watch this comment, I have realize that there are lots of people who are very interested to anime but they don’t know where to start because there are too many animes. This comment makes me decide to do a introduction with short series anime, I want to introduce some anime which is suitable for any gender and also satisfied most of people.

Therefore, the second video that I made was Attack On Titan introduction.For myself, I am very confidence with this video and I believe Attack On Titan is no doubt the best anime in recent 5 years.

Last but not least, I made the last video of my project which is Fullmetal Alchemist introduction. Fullmetal Alchemist is the rank 1 anime in lot of anime website, and also the anime with the best storyline in my heart.


During this semester , I did experience to become a YouTuber and it is definitely not a easy job to do. You have to write scripts for each of the video and you also need good editing skills,but most importantly , you have to be passionate about things that you are going to do.I think I will keep watching anime for a long time, and maybe I will improve my editing skills and make more video for my channel in the future.


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