BCM206 Internet of things

Nowadays, lots of people didn’t know exactly what is the internet of things.

As the name suggests,” the internet of things is defined as things connected to things in the Internet”, it put all items or people with a network connection in a target environment, in order to achieve the purpose of control, identification and management.

For example, supermarket plus internet is equal to Amazon, taxi plus internet is equal to Uber, restaurant plus internet is equal to UberEat and so on..

The internet of things means internet plus everything,in other words the internet of things is to connect everything with internet.Imagine if you lie down in your room and you don’t want to clean the room by yourself, you can just open your mouth and say:” clean the room for me robot!” and robot will start woking in less 5 seconds. When you leave your house and lock the door, everything in your house will be switch off.

The internet of things can let every item “feel” your instructions and follow them immediatly.More exactly, the internet of things is creating the “truth in mythology.


Internet of Things: What It Is, How It Works, Examples and More | JUST™  Creative

One thought on “BCM206 Internet of things

  1. Great blog post. I similarly commented on how technology can help with our day- to- day lives includes in-built car sat navs, fit bit watches, and google home. I found that your writing style was quite engaging and easy to read.
    Good work 🙂


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