BCM206 Feudalism

In Week 6’s lecture we have learned a concept called”Walled Garden“, a closed platform software structure regulates the way users operate within its system. It allows the company licensing out its software to maintain control of how a user behaves on its program.

Ios system from Apple is a good example of Walled Garden.The Apple System (iOS) uses a closed system to protect user’s privacy and security. For example,Google voice was not available for IOS because Apple has their own voice function.

You aren’t able to download a majority of files because of security reasons – for the same reason, you aren’t able to view what your operating system has (in terms of storage and system files).

However, “Walled Garden” did bring lots of advantages to user such as antivirus, IOS can also prevent the damage from different software an dthat provides a sense of security and privacy for many users.


The Supreme Court deals with the walled garden of iOS – NewsBeezer
Represent the close system from Apple

One thought on “BCM206 Feudalism

  1. Hi Allen,
    Great information in your blog post about the week’s concept. It is interesting to learn about the Apple IOS and its privacy. Do you think this has been embedded into every IOS update?


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