#Bcm114 Digital artifact beta

This semester will be over after three weeks, in this blog I will be talk about the process of my digital artifact project.

My digital artifact topic is anime introduction. I pick this topic because watching anime is one of my favorite thing to do, I have watched so many good anime and also learned lots from these anime. I want to let more people know these good anime and also show the value of anime itself.

So I decide to work on anime introduction and also created a YouTube channel.

The first video that I posted was BCM114 digital artifact pitch, in this video I explained the topic of my project and also what’s the reason/purpose for me to do this project.

After posted my pitch video,I start to work on my first video of anime introduction. I chose my favorite anime “Naruto” as my first video, it is a really famous video and I really want to introduce Naruto for people who don’t know what it is yet.

During the experience of making video based on my favorite anime and characters , I find out the process is more interesting than I thought. It is enjoyable for me to introduce the things that I like to people. This is also one of the most interesting part of Digital artifact-introduce things that you love to people who don’t know it yet.  Maybe there will be more and more people join to this big party(anime) after they watched my video. This is also one of my purpose to do this project

In the rest of the semester I will post more video on YouTube every single week, please feel free to leave your comment/feedback under my video no matter it is positive or negative.I want to see some advise from you guys.


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