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Television, a thing that almost every family owned.The first television was invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry’s and Michael Faraday’s work. As the time goes by, the penetration of television increased in an unbelievable speed.

With the widespread popularity of television,there are more than 1.4 billion households now own at least one TV set, representing 79 percent of total households globally. People who watch television have different purposes on it,for example children love it because they can watch their favorite cartoon on it, and their parents might use TV for watching daily global news to know what is going on in worldwide. In the world, people spend lots of times on TV(Americans are still watching more than 7 hours and 50 minutes per household per day) which is pretty amazing.There are lots of TV show which are famous in worldwide such as Game of Thrones, this show owned viewers from different countries which is absolutely one of the most successful TV show in the world.

Now I want to talk about one of my favorite TV show, I have been watch this show for 10 year s and I pay money monthly on YouKu(“Netflix” in China) to watch this show only. This show is called “Naruto”, one of the greatest and most successful anime in the world. Naruto’s success transcends borders as the series has been exported to Europe, Latin American ,North America, and Asia.

The background story of Naruto is based on Ninja world, which is also based on traditional Japanese culture.Naruto’s childhood is such a tragic because his village was attacked by an evil demon known as Nine Tails fox.The leader of the village (Naruto’s) father sacrificed himself and use his last power to seal the fox into Naruto’s body.Therefore, Naruto only has few friends, and rest of the villager think he is the cursed of the village because Nine tails was sealed in Naruto’s body.

Battle between Nine tails fox and Naruto’s father

Naruto did lost his parents from that war, and he only got a few friends. However, he didn’t hate those villager and try hard to get stronger in Ninja school.Naruto want to change his destiny and become the best Ninja in his village, so he can protect everyone to make sure no one get hurt. After 15 years of hard work,Naruto finally become the strongest Ninja in the world,Naruto also conquer Nine tails fox and transfer the fox to be part of his power.

Naruto finally conquer Nine tails fox

This story is talk about the process of how does Naruto become the head Ninja . The story itself seems pretty simple, but the main character Naruto actually reflect most of people from our real life. There are lots of people who get despised by other’s no matter in school, workplace or family.People won’t easily give up if they have watched Naruto before, Naruto experienced worst things than us and he is still fighting for his life, so why should we give up?Naruto can get popular in the world is not only because it owned an amazing story line but also the spirit from the main character. A good show need to let people gain something after they watched it, not just waste people’s time and make the show only for profit.

Another example for why Naruto can be famous globally is because there were lots of precious culture included in Naruto,such as Rock Lee who uses Kung Fu to fight with others and represent Chinese culture. There is a character in Naruto who have dark skin and this guy love hip-hop, he talks like he is rapping.This character could represent North and South America. The background music of Naruto is also fantastic, the music style is traditional Japanese music.

Naruto contained different terms of cultural characteristics, that’s another reason for the global success of Naruto.Naruto also made an excellent example for other movie and television products.

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