#BCM302 Digital Artefact pitch

For the topic of my last DA project, I decide to keep making relevant project about my home country China. During the 3 years of learning experience in BCM subjects, I did a lot of DA project about China such as mandarin teaching, traditional Chinese dishes cooking to show the uniqueness of China. The reason for why I chose these topics is because many of people from other countries has little knowledge of China. As a Chinese, I think it is completely different between the real China and the China on the internet. I have the responsibility to explain the misunderstanding.

During my University career in Australia for 3 years, I have made some local friends from University. When we talk together they always ask me lots of questions about China such as is it real that no one use cash in China, is it real that you can buy something online and get it in the next day? I can feel that they’re very interested about China and I would love to expalin to them.

For what I have heard from my Australian friends, I’ve noticed how far behind the reality of China the perception of China lags. I think it is necessary for me to made a DA project so I can choose some topic that people want to know about China for the most and answer these question. I also want to do some deeper research for this project, I also want to talk about VPN to expalin why does China need VPN to access YouTube,Twitter, Google.

For topic selecting, I will made a twitter poll for my weekly topic of DA. For the first 2 video I will give 3 differents options and post it on twitter, then I will pick the highest option and make a video about it. For the rest of the video we will ask bcm302 students about what they want to know about China, collects their comments and randomly pick one to make a Youtube video about it. Of course we will use our YouTube Channel as the main platform for DA, we can also make some blog posts on WordPress if time premits.

We think it is very important to interact with audiences, audience engagement is the key element for this project. I want to make this project is because I want the world to know more about my country. Due to the spread out of covid-19, there are lots of people who are keep posting some aggressive speech agaisnt China. When Trump called covid-19 as Chinese virus, I can feel that people who are hostile to China has rapidly increased. With the development of Internet, it is very easy for us to be misleading by social media. There is an old Chinese saying goes:” words are but wind, but seeing is believing” which means what you hear about may be false, belive what you see.

In the future, I want to keep doing some relevant project about China. I’m also very pleasure and welcome you guys to travel to China when covid is gone.

Reference list:

Shnoor, B&Katvan, E, 2021. Freedom of Expression, Honor, and Judicial Independence in Mandate Palestine,Israel Studies, suppl. Special Issue: New Scholarship on the British Mandate in Palestine; Bloomington Vol. 26, Iss. 3,  (Fall 2021): 66-83.



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