BCM313 Narrative reflection

How does it feel when your biggest interests turn to your future career? I spent lots of time to think of this question and didn’t get the answer. However, I seem to find the answer at last year and I would like to share my own story in the rest of my blog.

I love singing from small to large, my parents were always praise my singing skill which gave me a lot of confidence. My father has bought me a mp3 and earphone so I have more opportunity to listen/learn new songs.

Time is fleeting, I was turn to 16 suddenly and I found an app called “WeSing” on Appstore which is really attractive to me.

WeSing - Home | Facebook
Icon for WeSing

WeSing is the biggest singing app in China, everyone can upload their own song on the platform(Hu, 2017). I hesitated a lot about should I upload my own song on WeSing because WeSing is an app which owns over billion of user. I was not confident to upload my own cover in front of millions of listener, I was also afraid to take a certain amount of criticism. Therefore, I have only upload a few songs on WeSing and set them to private.(which means I am the only person who have access to these songs)

However, I realize that the reason for why I use this app is because I want to let more people to listen to my song. It is not a shame to upload my songs in front of public, Many new singers go through a period when they mainly cover famous songs from other singers such as Charlie Puth. He started his own channel in September 2009. It was called ‘Charlies Vlogs.’ He began by posting comedy videos with covers. (TheFamousPeople, 2016)

Nevertheless, getting famous is not as simple as I thought. I didn’t get any attention from others after I release couple of my songs on WeSing. I didn’t have any followers at all and the views of my songs are also very low. It was a real knock to my self-confidence because I don’t think my song are inferior to others, there are lots of songs which are not good enough(my personal feeling) gains lots of views and positive comments.

There was one time when I calm down and ponder over it carefully, I realize that I may be wrong about all of these things. I should improve the quality of my songs and my singing skills instead of comparing my song to others.There are always going to be people that are better than you, I should stop comparing myself to others, and be the best that I can be.

After I was straighten my mind, I start to learn post-production which can bring the quality of my song to other level. I will spend a week to release my song include recording and post-production. My follower also grow up from 2000 to 30000 during a year of the hard work, my songs were recognized by lots of people which made me much gratified.

Just then, one of the manager from WeSing contact me because I have lots of influence on the platform. He wants me to become a streamer on WeSing which means that I need to spend two hours to do live radio, I will also need to interact with audiences and singing during the streaming. For me, I think it was a interesting part time job and I can also get paid from my monthly donation. It is also my dream to earn money from singing so I accept this job and began making preparations for it.

Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between ideal and reality. The first day of my streaming was really embarrassing because I don’t have any experience of streaming, I don’t know what should I say and how should I interact with audiences. I was also really nervous to sing in front of thousands audiences which caused me singing badly during streaming. I spend a week to overcome these difficulties. Although it was not hard to stream 2 hours per day, it was really suffering to stream after you has been busy all day. After I worked for 3 months, I have quit this job.

After I quit this job, I realized singing is my favorite thing to do no matter I can get money from it or not. I start to upload my own cover again after the rhythm of life returned to normal, I also create a community for my followers to interact with them.

Until now, I have nearly 70000 of followers on WeSing. After I experienced all of these things, I have understand it is not necessary to make your interest become your future career. Even if you are doing a job which is completely irrelevant to your interest, you can still earn money from your current job and spend them to develop your interest. For my professional values, it is not a bad thing to give up in time when you tired/dislike of your job. It is more important to understand what is the favorite thing for you to do and hold on consistently and persistently for it(Morrow).

Pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you

Maya Angelou


Check the link above if you are interested of my cover,it is an English song and hopefully you will like it.

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