#BCM241 Relationship between media and fandom

Most of people are fans of something.Today,following continued technological,social and cultural changes,fandom is an even more commonplace experience(Sanvoss&Gray,2017) Fandom as a whole is a subculture that celebrates a mutual bond formed between people over a bookseries, TV show, movie, band, or other form of pop culture.Simply, you are in fandom if you are a fan of something/somebody.The net has, for the most part,transformed fandom, it built a bridge between superstars and normal people.

In this blog, I will talk about how did I become a fan of Jay Chou and how does media become the key factor of it.

If you are not listen to any Chinese music before, you probably won’t know who is Jay Chou.But if you are Chinese/Asian you would definitely understand who am I talk about. Jay Chou is one of the most famous music artist in Chinese speaking countries, and he was born in Taiwan.

When I heard his song at the first time,I was still in primary school.One day, when I was at home and watching television with my grandmother, a beautiful melody just goes into my ear.When I pay attention to the television, I find out my grandmother just turn the channel to Chinese music channel.There was a man who are singing on the stage, and I was intoxicated in his beautiful voice.Then my grandmother tell me the artist is Jay Chou, the song that he is singing called “Qing Hua Ci” which means blue-and-white porcelain.

Music Video of Blue and White Porcelain

After we heard the whole song, I just can’t stop to think about the melody of the song and I was curious with Jay Chou’s other songs.Luckily,My grandmother bought me a phone to listen music because I have no tools to listen to music.Since I got the phone, the story between myself and Jay Chou was started and I also become a fan of Jay Chou.

When I receive the phone, I was download the most popular music app in China which is QQ Music.

I was download all of the music from Jay Chou and start listen to it every single day, and also practice my singing skill through his song.I have to say that I feel in love with singing because of Jay Chou.

Time flies, 2019 is a very important and special year for Jay Chou because it is the twentieth anniversary of his singing career.He will hold a concert in Sydney next year, although I have been to Jay Chou’s concert at last year, I still bought the ticket for next year’s concert cause it is so meaningful for every Jay Chou’s fan and also for himself.

I was listened to Jay Chou’s music for 10 years, I will continue to listen his song until he quit from his career.I can know such a great artist because of media, without media, maybe I won’t know this person for my whole life.I feel so blessed that I was born in the era with advanced technology, everything is so convenient and I can easily listen to music or watch music video through my phone/computer without limit.For many of us fans,the net has offered new and better ways to more easily do what we previously did before.Online social media platforms demonstrate this in a more public and visible way than,say,talking on a mobile phone(Duffett,2014).

In China, Jay Chou is the only singer who keep on singing for 20 years and still stand at the top of music artist.There are millions of fans who always support him and purchase his album,and also bought ticket of his concert to see the wonderful performance.

10000 people singing together with Jay Chou

Use of the net have visibly bought music listeners together,the net has also helped to shift music from a stockpiled physical commodity to a seemingly available and ambient resource that travels down an electronic pipeline(Duffett,2014).Media also provide a platform for fans just like me to communicate with other Jay Chou’s fan, so I have a chance to meet more friend and have a common interest to chat about. It was this interactive element that allowed for the development of modern fandom(Hellekson&Busse,2006)

In Australia, I live with some of my Chinese friend and they are also Jay Chou’s fans.For my plan of this assessment, I want to do a short interview with them to talk about their own experienced of how did they become a fans of Jay Chou.Last month, me and one of my roommate were trying to buy the ticket of Jay Chou’s concert in next year cause it will be hold in Sydney.In Australia, there are also lots of Jay Chou’s fans(most of them are Chinese) so it is quite diffcult for us to get a ticket with good place. When the ticket was available to buy, we were get up at 6 am and immediately turn on the computer and click into the website.

However, because of there were too many people stay on this website,we have to wait people who were come earlier than us and then we can have the access to the page.You only have 12 minutes to stay at the website when you enter the purchase page, we were wait for 3 hours to enter the page.Fortunately,it still have some tickets which are available to purchase, although the ticket was more expensive than we thought, we still purchase it without a doubt.

Receipt of tickets

I have to say the experienced of purchase tickets was excited and fun, we won’t have this experience without “fandom” cause both of us are fan of Jay Chou.For my plan, I will interview my roommates about their own memory of how did they become a fan of Jay Chou, and also how did the experience relate to media.I will try to record their voice(if they are comfortable with it), or write their quotes on a document.

After that , I want to interview more friends and let them to share their special experience with Jay Chou.I think it will be interesting to know different story on one artist(Jay Chou)

I am still very excited with next year’s concert, before that, I will focus on this project and I think it would be enjoyable to do it.

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