In week 9 me and my partner ShuNing has made 2 YouTube videos and one blog for our DA project, at the beginning of the project we didn’t connect our topic to the future which is the most important thing that we need to fix it. Since the second video we decide to address food industry to the future such as what will food delivery looks like in the future/do we still need food if our body can be replace by machine? We did receive lots of feedback which are really useful for our project, before the end of the semester we want to make 2 more videos/blogs and talking about the possibility of food industry in the future. We believe the quality of our project will keep improving as the time goes by.

DA VIDEO 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcBUSw0W3iI&t=63s

DA VIDEO 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae3FO7AYsXQ

DA BLOG : https://shuningonline.wordpress.com/2021/04/24/bcm325-meal-replacement-the-starting-point-of-modern-cyberpunk-peoplefood-tour/


6 thoughts on “#BCM325 DA BETA

  1. Hey Allen, this beta video has definitely improved since your pitch, I loved how you even included a pitch recap to refresh the viewer what happened since the pitch! The video editing is a lot more in sync compared to your last and your voice is also clear and easy to understand this time. It’s great to see that you have adjusted your topic to relate more to the future through the previous pitch feedback you have received. I think it is great that you have a Youtube audience already who are giving you feedback about your videos, you can use this to your advantage and make your next videos in according to their wants in the comments. I think it’s a good idea to relate your topic to the future by finding out about how food delivery services will be in the future, BUT I think that talking about how humans may not even be eating food in the future seems like a far stretch, as I doubt that we will have another source of energy other than food any time soon. You mention that you plan to research about this through the inspiration of the movies we have been watching in class about cyberpunk culture, but I do not recalling in any movies we have watched where humans no longer eat food anymore. I think you may be confused with the humans and the cyborgs that looks almost identical to humans in the movies. The humans were definitely still eating food in the movies from what I recall but maybe there may been a scene from one of the movies where a cyborg didn’t need food? Anyways, a suggestion about the future of food delivery, maybe you can talk about how technology/ robots may replace this job in the future with drones, as I do recall seeing drones delivering goods from a few movies we have watched in class. Overall, I think that your pitch video is great and your DA idea is coming together. Here is a link that could possibly start you off with how drones can be delivering food in the future.

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  2. Hi Allen, the concept of future food which you have chosen for your DA. It’s great that you have made change and focus on the topic – Future. After watching your Beta and DA blog posts, I think that maybe one day, future food may be shapeless and have no flavour or we will just only take an energy pill with all of the nutrients that people require for a day. Due to the fast-paced nature of technology, I believe that more and more innovative eating patterns and foods appear. If you want to know more about the future food trend, I would recommend looking into the ‘Imminent Future of Food Report’ by Bompas & Parras. The prediction serves as a reminder to humanity that a new food period is on the horizon. http://bompasandparr.com/projects/view/imminent-future-of-food/ In this article, Bompas & Parrmention had predicted the seven future food trends, and this would be a great example to give you an example of future predictions of food.

    As you mentioned, humans may not even eat food in the future, but I think that we will all eat insects in the future, just as we did in the past. In your DA, you might also consider why future food technology development is necessary? What is the reason for developing future food? https://bit.ly/3oQwQEu This is a Chinese article about how, in the future, we may be able to eat insects as food due to a food shortage. Meat production at current levels is unsustainable, as animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, land degradation, air pollution, and biodiversity loss. As a result, insects are the human food trend of the future, with the potential to solve the problem of food scarcity in the long run. This is the report of Edible insects – Future prospects for food and feed security http://www.fao.org/3/i3253e/i3253e00.htm

    More, it is a good idea to connect your topic to the future by researching future food delivery services. I had watched your video on youtube, and found that you can look and think deeper on the food delivery drone such as the limitation, policy, and its business potential. I have a idea that may expand the topic for your DA, you can discuss A.I. robot for the food services industry, for example the feasibility of automation in catering business and the future application development of A.I. I found a source that may help you to look and predicting the future development of food robotics. https://insights.globalspec.com/article/12559/cooking-with-artificial-intelligence

    This is a really interesting project! I’m looking forwards to seeing how you finish your project, and best of luck!

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  3. Hey Allen,
    I loved your Beta video. I had similar struggles to start with looking into the future whether it be in the near or distant future. I’m glad you’ve come up with a way to have your Digital Artefact incorporate the “future cultures” topic in such a good and interesting way. The food industry (in general) is constantly changing, there is so much evolving when it comes to machinery, process, materials and overall technique and It excites me that you’re looking into this topic!

    You mentioned that you’re looking into and researching if we will even need food in the future – by using the films we’ve watched in our screenings for reference. Im intrigued to see what research and analysis you can produce from this. It might be a little difficult because we aren’t really at that stage or advancement yet but I would love to see what you can find. I think a good question to ask when researching this would be: Do cyborgs need less food the more “robot” they become. For example if someone is 50% human 50% robot, would that make them only need half the normal food intake? same goes for someone who is 75% robot. Would this mean they only need a quarter of the food intake? I’m not sure how you would go about finding research on this but it would be an interesting read.

    The food industry as a whole is changing and I found an interesting article explaining the changes the food industry is making. It talks about technology, convenience and personalisation.

    You also mentioned you were looking into future food trends. I did projects throughout my time in hospitality where we had to make foods based around the “trends” of the year. From those massive crazy milkshakes to meals with smashed avacodo. I never did one on looking into future predictions. Ive found a few links that talk about future food trend projections for years into the future.

    This decade: https://www.healthyfood.com/advice/the-13-hottest-food-trends-coming-your-way-this-decade/
    2050: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/01/food-in-2050-bacon-grown-on-blades-of-grass-and-bioreactor-chicken-nuggets

    Lastly I also found this Article which talks about the earth not having enough food in 2100. Thats only 79 years away… if you do decide to look into food alternatives it might be worth looking into how we can solve the issue faced in this article.

    I hope some of this information helps and you’re able to incorporate it into your Digital Artefact! I’m wishing you both the best of luck and I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up! Keep up the good work,

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