#BCM114 prototyping

I have to say that I am kind of confuse with my DA topic in recent weeks.During my process I am trying my best to make some video with good quality and try to attract more people to watch anime.

Although the process of video producing is going very smooth,I did feels bad because I didn’t see some comments or feedback under my video

.I have bring these questions and confusion to the class and try to get advised from my tutor.To my surprise, Peter actually point my video out and also find the problem that I have.He find some classmates who are also interested with animation and let them seat with me,so I can show my work to them and also get some feedback and advise from them.

After a good conversation, we did talk about our favorite anime and whats the reason for us to watch anime.They were interested with my topic as well and we have followed each others on Twitter.I also asked them about how to get engage and get some good feedback from the audience,and I got some really useful tips from them.

.Make polls on Twitter

.Post something on Reddit(they are lots of anime lover on Reddit)

.Post my stuff on multiple platforms(Instagram is a good option)

I have never tried things that I list,I think it is not late to start doing it right now.Peter also remind me that I only have 30 followers on Twitter, if I only post stuff on Twitter it will be hard for me to get feedback.

Although I still have lots of stuff to do, I am not confused anymore and know exactly what I need to do and where I can improve on. I did make some polls on Twitter and also post my research topic on Reddit.I will make another anime introduction video, after that I will also make a video about the reason for why people love/hate anime and I think it will be very interesting for people to watch it.

Anyway, it is the time to make some video and I will see you guys in next post.


One thought on “#BCM114 prototyping

  1. It’s really cool to see you exploring a DA concept on something you are interested in, and wanting to help others find something they might like as well! Anime can sometimes seem like a really broad and foreign thing to some people so it’s a great idea to introduce the idea by reviewing and recommending your favourites.
    Using Reddit is a great idea to get some feedback from the anime community, and using a specific subreddit does half the work of finding an audience! It could be a good idea to post a question with some background information on why you’re asking the question as well, maybe also mentioning that you are looking for feedback for a university assignment? I think that could get people interested in answering the question informatively and curious about the assignment, so you can lead them to your DA.
    The Twitter polls are also great since it’s so easy for users to click an option. I would suggest using other hashtags as well to reach an audience outside of the BCM cohort and get more feedback.
    For your YouTube videos, I think a more general title would work better than using BCM114, maybe something like ‘An introduction to my favourite anime Naruto’. This could hopefully attract an audience that wants to find out more about Naruto outside of the BCM114 cohort. In the video description, you can add that it’s for your BCM114 assignment. Interact with other anime YouTube channels to make connections and participate in that online culture. This is something I will be doing with my YouTube channel as well, since participating and engaging with other accounts is part of making media and will us help find our audience!
    I think it’s so smart to explore a concept for your DA where you already have knowledge and interest in it as it makes it so much easier to create content. Keep it up!


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