BCM206 Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

Botnet is a network which can be controlled by an attacker which infects a large number of computers with BOT program (botnet) virus.

Attackers spread botnets through various ways to infect a large number of computers on the Internet, and the infected pc will receive instructions from attackers through a channel from botnet. In China,the reason for why we called it Botnet is to let people realize the characteristics of this kind of harm vividly: many computers are driven away and directed like the zombies in ancient Chinese legends unconsciously, and become a tool to be controled by people.

In an intriguing improvement a long time back, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) gave an uncommon announcement, cautioning that a North Korean hacking group, named Hidden Cobra, is effectively focusing on media, aviation, monetary, and basic framework areas in the United States and around the globe.

As per the announcement, North Korean programmers were liable for a few assaults that date right back to 2009, utilizing DDoS botnets, keyloggers, distant access devices (RATs), and wiper malware. The North Korean programmers, additionally named the Lazarus Group or Guardians of Peace, are accepted to be connected to the WannaCry ransomware assault in May, which influenced PCs in more than 150 nations.

For me , I think botnets is a really serious problem which need to be solve and worth watching.


Botnets and cyber warfare, a dangerous combination - Security  AffairsSecurity Affairs


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