#BCM212 What effect did COVID-19 bring to international students?

At the end of the 2019,everyone is expect for a brand new year and also get ready to celebrate for 2020.However,the new year is quite different from what I expected. It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 might be one of the worst year China.

Back to 2019,an unknown virus was test out from a 55 years old individual from Hubei Province in China.At that time,no one take the news seriously include myself.After a few month,the virus was named Corona virus by the Chinese government.Corona virus disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus.The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes,which means that it is important to wearing a mask and also wash hand regularly.However,the spread of the virus has been rapid and it is way faster than people think.

part of the time line of the corona virus pandemic

Corona virus cased people into panic globally,people have to stay at home to avoid the virus.However,what will happen to international students when corona virus breaking out in China?In February 2020,the prime minister in Australia(Scott Morrison) was announced that all of the flight from China will not be allow to enter Australia for two weeks.Corona virus is already caused people into panic and depress,and there is no doubt that the travel ban brings another strike to all of the international students who need to continue their university study in Australia.When the policy come out,more than 100,000 Chinese students will not be able to start their university and TAFE classes in Australia because of the travel ban put in place to curb the spread of corona virus.I feel anxious and hopeless after I saw this policy because I don’t want to delay my graduation time.So I decide to travel to Thailand for 14 days because it is permissible to enter Australia if we are leaving China in the next 14 days.I know it is very dangerous to travel to other country in this special moment,but I think it is long enough for me to stay at home and I want to make my life return to the right track.So I decide to go to Thailand with my Chinese friend who live with me in Australia.

Arrived in Thailand

After 14 days when we finally arrived in Australia,we were happy because we don’t need to stay at home and feel anxious anymore.However,we have received email from university which said the school will be close down temporary after resting for a few days because of corona virus.This message completely crushed my friends’s psychological defense.I totally understand them because we just experienced something terrible in China,and now we need to isolate in Australia again which is hard to accept.My roommate also don’t have enough confidence to pass all of the subject threw study online.

I think corona virus brings lots of negative effect to my friends from both physical and psychological,it is important for me to help them out of the shadow and this is also the reason/purpose for me to do this project.I am afraid that the depression will damage their mental health,so I made a questionnaire about what effect did corona virus brings to you and send it to my Chinese friends, understand what is their biggest trouble so I can help my roommates to stay positive and relieve their depression.

Right now I am trying to get feedback as more as I can,I want to now what did they do to relieve stress and depress in this kind of situation.I think this project is worth and meaningful to do it because both of my roommates were really close friends to me and I will undertake every possible effort to assist them during this difficult time.I bought some card games and planning to play with them recently ,I think they really need some entertainment to relax and no need to worry about the virus maybe just for a second.

Coup(card game)

Hopefully they can back to normal with my help, and I will try my best to help them with the results of my survey.

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