#BCM325 DA project summary

We have finished our project and I want to say that it is definitely not easy for me and ShuNing in this semester. At the beginning of the task we are very struggle of the concept for this subject, it tooks sometime for us to understand what should we do for our DA project. I have send email to Angus to make sure that we are on the right track, we also made lots of changes during the DA process. At the end of the stage, we made 2 videos and 2 blogs which is a satisfy result for us.Even though me and ShuNing are living in different city in China, we still try our best to make this project become well and try to communicate as many as we can. I was mainly work on the video making and ShuNing wrote the blog post for our research topic. In this semester, we feels like it is extremely hard to get comments from the Internet even though we have uploaded our video on social media platform as many as we can. For the completion of this task, we have sent our video/blog post to our friends in Australia/China for the audience engagement and luckily there are lots of helpful comments from them. For the beta comments that we received from our classmates, we realize that we are going to fast that we skip the medium/long term for project. There will be a long time that human still need to eat food to supply the energy and that’s why we wrote another blog about the food might be appear in the next 10 years.

This subject really bring lots of special experienced to me. In this semester we have watched 10 different movies and they’re all about future/cyber culture. To be honest, I haven’t watch movie for a long time. I couldn’t imagine that one day I can watch movie with bunch of people online and communicate with each other during the movie. Advanced technology/Internet bring people who come from different countries.I believe that with the popularity of 5G, the Internet can remove the boundaries of the world.

I am curious and expect about our life after 50 or 100 years becuase I believe that our technology will become very advanced at that time. I am thankful that technology bring plenty of benefits to us, it allowed me to study remotely in China during the global impact of covid-19. I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I was living in 20 years ago when Internet was not developed, maybe I can’t finish my degree and I couldn’t travel to Australia becuase of the political privacy.

Next semester is the last semester for me and hopefully I can continue my project in the rest of my bcm subject, the study experienced of communication and media for 2021 will be remember by me for a long time.

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