BCM325 Live-tweeting reflection

In this semester we are required to watch some classic movie which were related to future culture, I also have an opportunity to admire the imagination of these great director from twentieth century. However, we are not only watching these movie but also share our experience which is live-tweeting at the immediate time during the tutorial. I‘ve never tired to watch a movie and post my viewing experience on twitter at the same time, it was quite intersting to share my thought on twitter and also interact with other classmates. In the rest of the post I will share some of my original tweets and the tweets that I like from other classmates, I think I could find out something that I need to improve for my live-tweeting skills through the contrast.


First tweet for this subject

Metropolis was the first movie that we need to watch in the subject, I was not used to watch it because Metropolis was a movie without any lines.In week one, all of my original tweets were talk about my personal feeling about this movie. For all of my post, I forgot to add hashtag for the movie and I realize it when I was writing this post. I think it is really important to add movie hashtag to let others know which movie are you talking about.

Both of us were shocked by this scene because the movie was made in 1927 and the visual effect looks so real, we can’t believe that this movie was made for almost 100 years. For what is missing, I think I should do some research about how did the director implement this scene in 1927 without computer-generated imagery.


In week two I chose to tweet about some meaningful moment from the movie and also got retweet by my classmates.

Humour/memes is also an important factor to attract people’s attention in live-tweeting and I decide to make some funny content for the tweets in following tweets.

I didn’t fully understand the movie after I finished it, Chelsea’s tweet is really helpful for me because I was confused for the whole time during watching this movie. Finding an analysis article might be necessary after the film and lack of research is also a thing that I need to add on my tweets.


To be honest I didn’t like this movie at all because it’s all about violence and kill,I didn’t understand what is this movie trying to express for the whole time. So I decide to make some funny content(memes) during the live-tweeting.

However, Candace did mention a point that I have never think about it. Siri, Alexa, Google home were all female’s voices. In this movie female(robot) is a tool for recreation just like the lines from the movie, “Machines are the servant of man”.

Blade Runner

So far, Blade Runner is my favourite movie in these film. There were lots of symbolize in the film and also cause me to think about human nature. I didn’t know which side is right between replicant and human becuase both of them are emotional, replicant did have their right to protect themselves for surviving. I have also hear the most beautiful lines in the movie which is unforgetable.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” – Roy Batty

Overall, it would be better for me to add the name of the movie for the hashtag in the rest of my tweets. Background research is also necessary for the tweets, it would be helpful to understand the producing background of the movie.


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